GCHQ-Certified Master's

Our MSc Cyber Security has received full certification by GCHQ as part of their Certified Degrees. Students taking the accredited pathway will be following a programme that has been approved by UK national experts in cyber security for its high quality, for its support for students with the School of Computer Science’s excellent resources and facilities, and for the coverage of a broad range of topics that are essential for a career in cyber security. The GCHQ scheme is part of the National Cyber Security Strategy, and aims to help students and employers alike to assess the quality on offer and to identify the degree that best suits someone’s preferred career path.

GCHQ-certified degrees help:

  • universities to attract high quality students from around the world
  • employers to recruit skilled staff and develop the cyber skills of existing employees
  • prospective students to make better informed choices when looking for a highly valued qualification
GCHQ Certified Education

DCMS bursaries

Please note the bursaries have now closed for 2017 entry.

To support the National Cyber Security Strategy in its aim to enhance the cyber skills of the UK, the Department of Media, Culture and Sport has confirmed £500k funding to continute a pilot to help adults who want to retrain for a job in cyber security by taking a GCHQ-accredited master’s degree. Up to £500k will be distributed between participating universities to help those who want to use their skills and work experience to move into a cyber security career. Those interested in applying must first be accepted onto participating courses and apply for the bursary through the university. The bursaries are part of a broader DCMS initiative to enhance the cyber security skills capacity of the UK, from schools to higher education. The initiative is part of the Government’s £1.9 billion investment to significantly transform the UK’s cyber security.

Eligibility for DCMS bursaries requires the following:

  • Have accepted an offer on our MSc Cyber Security
  • Be following the GCHQ-certified pathway of modules
  • Be a UK national or EU national residing in the UK
  • Not be applying for the MSc straight out of an undergraduate degree
  • Not previously held employment as a cyber security professional (cyber security was not a significant part of any previous job function – i.e. less than 50% of a previous job role)
  • Is applying with a clear and demonstrable intention to retrain to become a cyber security professional in the UK
  • Subject to a criminal records check

For further information, or to apply, please contact ace-csr@cs.bham.ac.uk.


Cyber Security News

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